Yearthie. Live today...with tomorrow in your heart.

Are you a Yearthie person?

 Yearth-ie (yûrth' ē) adj.  Kind, considerate, environmentally conscious.  A counterpoint to the yuppie 'me first' culture - a more empathetic awareness of the Earth and others.  Learn more...

Find your inner Yearthie.

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Who is Yearthie?

Yearthie people are ambassadors of a sort, who just by being themselves embody a spirit of living today to the fullest while holding the promise of tomorrow in their heart. - They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and persuasions, and manage to be considerate of the earth and other people, while still seizing the day.  A Yearthie attitude manifests differently for each of us as we Love, Live, Serve, Protect, Cook, Play, Race, Garden, Sing, Build, Save, Quilt, Farm, Ride, Teach - in endless ways of being, while sharing some beautiful traits and choices. The Yearthie characters on this site represent a variety of different people, and perhaps one will resonate with you.   Meet them here...

What does it mean?

How to be a part?

Make the Yearthie message a part of your life.  There are different designs of each character, representing a variety of professions and interests.  Find the one that speaks to you.  Yearthie is something to be a part of. This website is a place to visit and have the Yearthie within you met with a high five.