Yearthie. Live today...with tomorrow in your heart.

Are you a Yearthie person?

Yearthie people are ambassadors of a sort, who just by being themselves embody a spirit of living today to the fullest while holding the promise of tomorrow in their heart. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and persuasions, and manage to be considerate of the earth and other people, while still seizing the day.  A Yearthie attitude manifests differently for each of us as we Love, Live, Serve, Protect, Cook, Play, Race, Garden, Sing, Build, Save, Quilt, Farm, Ride, Teach - in endless ways of being, while sharing some beautiful traits and choices.

The Yearthie Statement


Find your inner Yearthie.


How to share the positivity.

Make the Yearthie message a part of you and your loved one's lives by wearing a shirt with the character that speaks to your heart. We sell T shirts that are 100% cotton grown, ginned, spun, knitted, sewn and printed in the United States.   Each has the core message of Yearthie - Go ahead and knock yourself out doing what you love - but be considerate while you're at it, and intent on leaving the earth in better shape than when you got here. Yuppie didn't work out so well, and its time for a new word to remind us there's a better way.

We ship our shirts from Alexandria, VA and have a limited supply on hand of the Farmer, Gardener and Quilter characters. We have many others characters that will be printed once these are sold. The supply chain of the making of the shirts can be seen at