Yearthie. Live today...with tomorrow in your heart.

Grown and Sewn in the USA


This edition of Yearthie T shirts - has the designs of the Farmer, Gardener and Quilter.

Made of cotton fabric 100% grown, ginned, spun, knitted and sewn in the USA. This is uncommon as most cotton, even when grown in the United States is shipped overseas to be spun and woven into fabric, and then shipped back across the ocean to be sewn into garments. 

A unique tracking feature allows you to look up the manufacturing footprint of your shirt at  By using the thread colors in the hems, you'll learn who the farmer was that grew the cotton, the gin operator, yarn spinner, fabric knitter, fabric finisher, cut and sew company and the printer. 

We intentionally chose a manufacturing process that has a small footprint, and employs people close to home.  Our Yearthie characters are printed on these shirts from the eastern United States, and I pack and ship them from Alexandria, VA.  

Each shirt comes with a couple stickers for sharing the message of Yearthie.