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Special Edition trackable manufacturing process of 3 designs

This is a special edition of 3 Yearthie designs created within a transparent trackable supply chain located in the Carolinas.  You can find out the manufacturing footprint of one of these shirts at  From the farmer who grew the cotton, to who ginned, knitted and spun it, to the company that stitched it.  The way its tracked, is by a system of colored threads inside the sleeve and hem line.

Choose from a Farmer, Quilter or Gardener short sleeved white T-shirt which I selected TS Designs to print.  Their tag line is 'printing t-shirts for good' which is kind of cool.   These 3 shirts were then advertised in MaryJanesFarm magazine which is an organic farming magazine.  

This way of doing business was a more traditional form of creating inventory.  e.g. pre-printing, stocking, and advertising in printed media. (The rest of the Yearthie products are printed on demand, and fulfilled and shipped to you from either NC or CA.)  So if you're interested in the uncommon situation of knowing who and where your shirt was made - then one of these special edition trackable shirts is for you.