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Gardener - Limited edition trackable production Yearthie T-shirt

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She is wearing her gardening gloves with a sunhat perched on her head,
a spade in one hand and a basket of tomatoes in the other.

Printed on the front of the shirt is the Yearthie logo
and design in green and black with a tagline that reads:
“Garden today…with tomorrow in your heart.”

Each shirt order includes 2 stickers:  An ellipse with Yearthie

in black and white, and a Gardener with Yearthie - Not Yuppie.

Track this limited edition shirt at
Find out who the farmer is that grew the cotton in your T-shirt, 

as well as the other members of the supply chain all the way to
the printer. This T-Shirt is made entirely in the United States of soft
ringspun 100% cotton 5.4 oz. fabric