Yearthie. Live today...with tomorrow in your heart.


The idea of Yearthie was born in 1989.  It was originally created as a counterpoint to the yuppie 'me first' culture - a more empathetic awareness of environment and others - and over the years has evolved into the ideology of 'Live today...with tomorrow in your heart.'   The idea is communicated through the designs of the Yearthie brand, characters and what Yearthie means statement.
It is about wringing all that we can out of each day, while simultaneously being aware of the consequences of how we behave.  It may be a bit mawkish (rainbows and unicorns) for some, and we proceed with the understanding that at times it is only well delivered satire that grants us relief….but we can't help but notice there is so much airtime given to harsh words and sitcom style put-down humor.  We believe that too much cynicism destroys hope, and I don't want that to be all that's in the world my little nieces and nephews inherit. So we're rollin' a bit more Yearthie, and a lot less yuppie. We'd love for you to join us.
                                    Founder of Yearthie