Yearthie. Live today...with tomorrow in your heart.

The History of Yearthie

The idea of Yearthie was born in 1989. I grew up with The Whole Earth Catalog and Mother Earth News on the coffee table, the daughter of a school teacher and park ranger. One of my chores as a child in the 70s was to work the can opener to take the bottoms out of tin food cans after they were washed, and then help my dad smash them flat with a brick. When recycling day rolled around we would bundle the old newspapers into neat stacks to be tied up with cotton string. As a young adult I decided I was more of a Yearthie kind of person than a yuppie. That's when the name was born.  But like a lot of people I got caught up chasing a career, a mortgage, a paycheck and all the accoutrements of consuming. One night during 2011 in a Jerry McGuire-ish type moment, I had a reckoning with my behavior, and revisited my youthful idealism.  From that experience came what it means to be Yearthie. 
Yearthie is a counterpoint to the yuppie 'me first' culture - it embodies kindness, consideration of others and a consciousness of the fragility of Earth. It is about wringing all that we can out of each day, while simultaneously being aware of the consequences of how we behave. The idea is communicated through the designs of the Yearthie characters, logo and statement. Live today...with tomorrow in your heart. Yearthie, not yuppy.  Time for a change.
Founder of Yearthie