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How to Track the Manufacturing Footprint of your Yearthie T Shirt

We went in search of a T shirt made completely in the USA.  Not just sewn, but truly made here of components from here, and processes here, by people who live here.  Its not easy to find. A lot of garments that say Made in the USA actually import the fabric.  Or if its cotton from the U.S. they ship it over seas to gin, spin, and knit into fabric which is then shipped back across the ocean to be cut and sewn - and they can still claim it is Made in the USA.  

We found a group of businesses in the eastern part of the U.S. who work together to produce an authentic product that is 100% made - of, in, by and from goods and people within the United States.  TS Designs prints our Yearthie designs on these grown and sewn at home T Shirts.

To see where and who made your Yearthie T-shirt, look at the thread color that is inside the sleeve and the bottom hem.  Then go to and select your thread colors, and type in the Tracking Code that is on the printed label.  This will show you the Farmer that grew the cotton, and where it was ginned, spun, finished, knitted,  cut & sewn and printed.  Ta daaah!   We thought it was pretty cool too.