Yearthie. Live today...with tomorrow in your heart.

Responsibly made Yearthie T Shirts

We went in search of a T shirt made completely in the U.S.  The point being to not waste the Earth's resources by shipping cotton across the ocean to be ginned, spun, and knitted into fabric and then shipped back across the ocean to be cut and sewn into a product. Labeling something "Made" in the USA that has been halfway around the world and back seems a bit misleading.

We found a group of businesses who grow cotton, process and finish it and sew the shirts within a manufacturing footprint that helps sustain local communities and have less impact on the environment. It does not involve wasting resources by shipping things overseas merely for cheap production. There are other things to consider than profit margin, and we can work hard today...and be responsible for how our actions will affect tomorrow.  Our Yearthie designs are printed on these homegrown shirts. 

To see where and who made a Yearthie T-shirt, look at the thread color that is inside the sleeve and the bottom hem.  Then go to and select: Track your shirt. Then select: Have an 11 digit code?  Leave the code blank.  Enter your thread colors from the sleeve and hem. This will show you the Farmer that grew the cotton, and where it was ginned, spun, finished, knitted into fabric, cut & sewn into a shirt and finally printed.