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Ordering Info

Yearthie is located in Alexandria, Virginia and partners with a 
custom print on demand 
fulfillment service named Printful
which is based in California and North Carolina.

When you place an order, it is relayed to Printful where
it is printed, packed up and then shipped to you.

Printful, the order fulfillment service that Yearthie partners with,
is following guidelines related to COVID19 that are being issued by 
the CDC, WHO, and local authorities.  This includes increasing
the frequency of cleanings, taking extra care to disinfect high
traffic areas, social distancing and the use of PPE.

Fulfillment is delayed due to the COVID19 pandemic
Orders take 4 - 6 weeks to arrive.
Yearthie only ships orders within the United States.
Shipping is included in the price.