Yearthie. Live today...with tomorrow in your heart.

The Yearthie Statement

Yearthie is about living from a place of consciousness and intent.  It means being aware of your life, and the person’s life who happens to be next to you at the moment.  Yearthie is a choice to become engaged with your presence on the planet, and not blunder along numbed by media and public opinion.  It is for those who own their actions, ask forgiveness for their mistakes, and offer it in return.  It's for grownups who aspire to not become cynical and who still find inspiration by going outside to play, and it's for children who all dream of what they’ll be someday while being so good at living in the moment. It is to know that being gentle and kind is a strength.  Yearthie means that to the best of your ability,  you roll out each morning with a youthful spirit of hope and make the choice to live today....with tomorrow in your heart.